Three Tier Land

I work in a three tier land and you might not know it but you live in three tier land here in Colchester.

What am I talking about?

Well – in Colchester there are a number of tiers of local government. Those tiers are the parish/town/community councils across some parts of the Borough. We then have the Borough Council providing a range of services to residents, businesses and visitors here in the Borough (Housing; Planning; Environmental Health; Waste Collection; and many more).

Then we have Essex County Council who provide other services to residents, businesses and visitors here in the Borough and across a lot of Essex (Education; looked-after children; public health; social care; transport and highways; and many more).

Are you still with me? I doubt it, I’m sure there are better things to do or better blogs to read.

My point is that you have a number of Councils who provide different services to you – that must be confusing at times.

As someone once said when asked for directions to a place – “Well I know where it is but if I were you I would not start from here”.

Well we are here and I have not heard any national political party say that after the election they would reorganise local government. So we have to work within the current system.

Therefore I would ask that before contacting us, quickly check if it is a service we deliver – hopefully this will make it less time consuming for you too.

I only ask because you rightly get annoyed with us when we say – “sorry not us”.  We are sometimes called ‘jobsworth’ even though we do not have a statutory responsibility, no staff and no resources to act on many issues, complaints or concerns which you raise with us.

I am happy to take responsibility for our services and in overall terms I am proud of what we do. I do accept that in three tier land (or is that a parallel universe) it can be confusing. However, we will continue to concentrate on the services for which we have responsibility and we will look to continue to explain those services to our residents, businesses and visitors.



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