Blogpost no.4 – Recycling and Waste

Notice how I titled this a ‘blogpost’. It was my first piece of feedback following the launch – so thank you @zebrared for notifying me. I guess this is the kind of thing I need to know if I’m to become the next David Gauntlett!

I was driving into work one morning and couldn’t help but notice our recycling and waste services doing their rounds. I thought that coming up with topics to talk about would be harder than this but it prompted me…

Was it not the second paragraph of my first post that said I would give my views as a PROUD Chief Executive?

Well – I wanted to take the time to explain a little bit about the Recycling and Waste services. Clearly they play a huge part in the services we provide as a council to you our resident.

Therefore it’s important that the efficiency of Recycling and Waste is regularly reviewed. Following a Fundamental Service Review in 2010 we introduced the four day collection strategy – making the most of our assets – both vehicles and staff. Reducing our costs and making the collection service more efficient. Still more to do I know.

Here are some statistics for you (unfortunately not off the top of my head).

There are 77,497 households in the borough, we have a total of 42 vehicles for these collections and between April ’14 – Feb ’15 we ‘missed’ on average just 0.031% of collections each week.

Talking of missed collections I have a sneaky suspicion that just occasionally residents forget to put out their rubbish and ring us after we have collected it to say we missed it!!  It does not explain most of our small number of missed collections but perhaps a few.

The service has coped with the introduction of approximately 4,000 new properties – without increasing the crews that are employed or their number of rounds. I think that is some achievement but goes unnoticed by most.

Recycling rate figures have increased – from 40% to 48%.

The residual waste collected from each household in a year has reduced from 479kgs to 410kg – I’m reliably informed that this is the equivalent to a Middleweight Boxer!

While these are great figures perhaps what impressed me most was that this wasn’t at our residents’ expense – the collection day did not change even when there was a Bank Holiday.

I don’t want to put across the message that our work in this service is done just because the figures are good. The fact of the matter is that we want to create even more impressive statistics and that goes for the council as a whole.

I guess that will give me even more Blogposts to write about!


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