At the launch of Colchester Market

Colchester MarketI’m sure many of you have heard and hopefully were in attendance when Colchester Market officially opened in the High Street on Saturday (18 April).

I came along with my wife to see the Mayor and Mayoress cut the ribbon and then went off to enjoy the rest of the day’s entertainment.

I can honestly say that it was a brilliant way to spend a Saturday. Some might say I’m being bias but there was a plethora of stalls and products on offer. That’s right, PLETHORA!

A month or so ago when out and about in Colchester I overheard someone say that they didn’t think there would be much going on when the market starts, perhaps just some select stalls. Let me tell you this certainly isn’t the case! I believe there were 40 stalls, and each of them had their own personal or quirky features.

I guess you’re wondering what we purchased. No? Well it’s my blog so here it is anyway. My wife was gone, working through the stalls in turn. She purchased some gardening gloves which I put to good use on Sunday – my back is feeling it today but the garden is looking better! We also found a nice piece of artwork depicting my son’s wedding date as a commemoration of their wedding. In addition, we picked up some fruit and veg and something to eat for when we finally got to some of the other stalls, doing our little bit to help the economic recovery.

Even if you aren’t there to eat, it is hard to draw yourself away, but I’m sure that unlike me, you won’t take as long to decide what to have.

I was really pleased to see the market open and everyone enjoying themselves. I’m certain that this will be a very successful part of Colchester. Perhaps my favourite part was seeing all the traders – their energy was fantastic and made it a very friendly place to be, no matter who you are!

Well done to everyone at Colchester Borough Council, Essex County Council, contractors and the stall holders who have worked hard to bring back Colchester Market to the High Street. I’m very excited to see how it develops!


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