Ups and Downs

There can be few things more exhilarating than winning an award or plunging down a water slide. Winning an award while plunging down a water slide might qualify, but what are the chances of that?!

I am, of course, referring to the recent success of this here blog at the Essex Digital Awards, scooping Bronze in the ‘Blog: Entertainment’ category, and the SlideRider event I’ll be joining, on May Bank Holiday Monday, to help raise funds for Cancer Research UK and the Mayor’s charities.

First off, I was absolutely delighted Pritchard’s Point of View made it to the finals of the Essex Digital Awards, and even more thrilled to scoop a prize. It really is heartening to know that the judges recognised the way the blog connects with its audience – locally, nationally and internationally – and is helping, in some small way, to raise the profile of the borough, the work of the Council, and the hard work and dedication of all my staff. Of course, the most important judges are you, loyal readers, who I hope will continue to take an interest in my musings and find something to inform and entertain you along the way.


That’s the ‘up’ part – now for the ‘down’. The ‘down’ being a huge 250-metre water slide running the length of North Hill, along which I shall soon be hurtling headfirst at 20mph for two well-deserved charities. I have to confess, I’m not looking forward to it, believing my days of getting wet and cold whizzing down water slides to be well and truly behind me. But it is for charity! And should the adrenaline-fuelled euphoria of the descent eventually take hold of me… who knows? I might even wonder why I didn’t elect to have another go.

Slide Rider 2

If you’d like to sponsor my slippery descent, please visit my JustGiving page and pledge what you can. Do it for the reward of knowing your money will be go to some great causes, or simply because you thrive on schadenfreude and the glee of knowing the terror I may experience on the way down. Whatever your motive, please donate something.


PS: You could be forgiven for thinking I’m a glutton for punishment, if you watch my previous escapade abseiling down Colchester Town Hall. Check out the video here.


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