About my blog…


I’m Adrian Pritchard, the Chief Executive of Colchester Borough Council.  I have been Chief Executive for over 10 years being appointed in August 2004.  Recently a number of people have encouraged me to start a blog and share some of my views and thoughts on topical issues, projects and important matters about Colchester and Colchester Borough Council.

I am not sure how many people (if any) will be interested but I thought I should, with social media becoming so popular, at least have a go. I am not a politician but I work with our elected politicians who are Colchester Borough Councillors. So things I write about in this blog are not from a political party standpoint. They are from an appointed (not elected) Chief Executive who supports no political party.

Having got that off my chest you might like to bookmark this page as a regular site to visit. I will try to blog every few weeks and I hope you find it interesting. If not, I will be writing it all for myself.

Adrian Pritchard


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